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  • Brand: Vilitra-20
  • Composition: Vardenafil
  • Power: 20mg
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Take: 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse
  • Effect of the drug: up to 10 hours
  • Daily dosage: no more than 1 tablet per day
  • Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
  • Country of Origin: India


Vilitra® 20mg Vardenafil Tablets for Sale in


Vilitra® 20mg is a modern medical drug created for the effective treatment of sexual disorders in men (erectile dysfunction). The main active ingredient of Vilitra is Vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate, a colorless solid, a selective enzyme inhibitor (PDE–5).

The drug for ED Vilitra® 20mg is a generic Levitra. Blisters are compact and very convenient to use, they can be carried with you. If you have never taken such pills before, then we advise you to use only half for the first time. In the future, it will be possible to push off from the sensations received by increasing or decreasing the single dose.

  • Packing: 10 tablets in 1 strip
  • Minimum order quantity: 10 tablets
  • Minimum price: $ 1.11 per tablet
  • 14-21 days
  • Trackable service: 5-9 days
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Description of Vilitra® 20mg Vardenafil

Vilitra® 20mg Vardenafil Phosphodiesterase inhibitor Type 5 (PDE-5) is recommended as first-line drugs for the treatment of ED. Currently, the market is represented by four of them: sildenafil, vardenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil. These compounds are available in the form of tablets that are rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

ED negatively affects men’s self-esteem, the quality of sexual satisfaction, interpersonal relationships and quality of life. ED is mainly a consequence of old age, concomitant diseases (for example, cardiovascular, hyperlipidemia, endocrine disorders, mental disorders, obesity), its risk factors include alcohol, tobacco and a number of medications. At the age of 40-49, ED occurs in 8% of men, and by the age of 60-69, its prevalence is almost 40%.

Dosage of Vilitra® 20mg

Before taking Vilitra® 20mg, it is necessary to remember that in order to achieve maximum effectiveness, a sufficient level of sexual stimulation is necessary.

  • Vilitra® 20mg is taken orally regardless of food intake.
  • The initial recommended dose is 10 mg 25-60 minutes before sexual contact.
  • The maximum frequency of reception is 1 time per day.
  • The effectiveness and tolerability of tablets is individual and, depending on this, the dose can be increased to 20 mg. or reduced to 5 mg.
  • The maximum daily dose is 20 mg.
  • Correction of the intake and dosage regimen in elderly men is not required. In addition, in those men who suffer from moderate hepatic insufficiency, the initial dose should not exceed 5 mg. per day.
  • With minor violations of liver and kidney functions, correction of the dosage is not required.

Overdose of Vilitra® 20mg

When taking Vilitra® 20mg doses of 40 mg 2 times a day, the subjects experienced severe pain in the lumbar region without signs of toxic effects on the nervous and muscular systems. In case of detection of such symptoms, supportive therapy is recommended.

Ordering Vilitra® 20mg

Vilitra® 20mg has the following advantages over other drugs of similar action:

  • High efficiency has been proven even in the most neglected cases.
  • There are very few contraindications.
  • It begins to act immediately after taking the first pill.
  • Does not affect the state of health.
  • The medicine can be combined with alcoholic beverages and other medications.
  • The main substance acts for 5-6 hours, and the overall effect weakens only after a day.

Side Effects of Vilitra® 20mg

Most often they occur after taking an excessive dose of Vilitra® 20mg in elderly people. It may occur:

  • tachycardia;
  • diarrhea, constipation;
  • headache;
  • rhinitis;
  • pre – fainting condition;
  • fever, a rush of blood to the face;
  • drowsiness, nausea, vomiting.

If negative effects occur, you should consult a doctor.

How does the Vilitra® 20mg tablet work?

The principle of action of the Vilitra® 20mg tablet is a temporary effect on the biochemical processes in the erectile tissue, as a result of which the blood filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis increases. This vascular reaction occurs only under the influence of sexual stimuli, which is very important.

How long does the Vilitra® 20mg tablet work?

On average, 4-6 hours, which is enough in most cases. The duration of action of Vilitra® 20mg is a matter of choice. Many sexually active men choose one pill to be in shape all weekend. It’s convenient: you don’t have to hide anything, think about anything. Some patients note a long–term positive effect on erection – up to 5-7 days, which may be associated with a psychogenic effect.

How often can I take Vilitra® 20mg?

Vilitra® 20mg tablet is needed “on demand” about an hour before sexual intercourse, but no more than once a day. There are no side effects with prolonged use, the effect of addiction or a decrease in the effectiveness of the drug does not occur over time.

Is it possible for a healthy man to take Vilitra® 20mg?

Healthy men can take Vilitra® 20mg tablet without harm to their health in order to achieve a longer duration of sexual intercourse or reduce recovery time, if there are no contraindications to taking the drug.

What are the limitations to the use of Vilitra® 20mg?

  • It is forbidden to simultaneously take Vilitra® 20mg with other medications aimed at the treatment of ED such as Viagra, Cialis, etc.
  • It is forbidden to take Vilitra® 20mg simultaneously with grapefruit or grapefruit juice.
  • In patients suffering from liver diseases, the effect after taking the pills is slightly lower than in relatively healthy ones.
  • Vilitra® 20mg should be taken with caution in patients suffering from aortic constriction, left ventricular obstruction, penile curvature and deformity, propensity to develop priapism, cavernous fibrosis, insufficient kidney and liver function, peptic ulcer, degenerative diseases of the retina.

What interactions does Vilitra® 20mg have with other medications?

It is necessary to refuse the drug Vilitra® 20mg when taking the following medications:

  • Clarithromycin, Ritonavir and other CYP3A4 inhibitors;
  • preparations with nitrates;
  • nitric oxide donors (Arginine, Agmatine and others);
  • antidepressants;
  • antiviral agents.

Purchase of Vilitra® tablets


The maximum effect of taking Vilitra® tablets is achieved with a good level of arousal.

In case of severe erectile dysfunction, the doctor may prescribe a more powerful dosage of Vilitra® – 40, 60 mg or Super Vilitra®.

  • 40 mg is prescribed in the absence of any effect at the standard dosage. It is recommended for the treatment of impotence against the background of psychological disorders and nervous shock.
  • 60 mg is a drug with a maximum concentration of the active substance. It is prescribed only by a doctor for serious violations of sexual function.
  • Super Vilitra® 80mg contains two active substances at once: dapoxetine and vardenafil. It acts on the body with a double force, prolongs the erection, setting up for a long coitus.

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