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  • Brand: Zudena-100 (Generic Zydena)
  • Composition: Udenafil
  • Power: 100mg
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Take: 40-60 minutes before sexual intercourse
  • Effect of the drug: up to 12-24 hours
  • Daily dosage: no more than 1 tablet per day
  • Manufacturer: Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Country of Origin: India


Zudena-100 Udenafil Tablets for Sale in Tadasiva.com

Zudena Udenafil 100mgZudena-100 is a modern drug for Erectile Dysfunction for a long–term increase in potency. This is a high–quality Indian generic of the original South Korean drug Zydena based on one active substance – udenafil. It is available in the form of tablets for internal use containing 100 mg of the active component Udenafil.

The Indian pharmaceutical company Sunrise Remedies has succeeded in creating analogues that are not inferior in quality to the originals, but differ favorably in price. Now safe and powerful drugs for an excellent erection are available to everyone.

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Description of the drug Zudena-100 (Generic Zydena)

  • Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse.
  • Udenafil improves erection and the possibility of successful sexual intercourse.
  • The effect of the drug lasts up to 24 hours. The effect of Zudena-100 manifests itself already 30 minutes after taking the drug in the presence of sexual arousal.
  • After oral administration, udenafil is rapidly absorbed. Tmax in blood plasma is 30-90 min (on average 60 min).
  • T1 / 2 is 12 hours, high binding of udenafil to plasma proteins (93.9%) prolongs the period of its effectiveness to 24 hours after taking a single dose.

Composition of Zudena-100

The composition of each tablet of the drug Zudena-100 includes, as an active substance, 100 mg of Udenafil.

As excipients , the tablet of the drug contains:

  • 12.5 mg — colloidal silicon dioxide;
  • 87.5 mg — lactose;
  • 20 mg — corn starch;
  • 12.5 mg — L-hydroxypropyl cellulose;
  • 7.5 mg — hydroxypropyl cellulose-LF;
  • 2.5 mg — magnesium stearate;
  • 7.5 mg — talc;

The shell of the tablets is a film containing:

  • 6.9 mg — hydroxypropylmethylcellulose;
  • 0.022 mg — talc;
  • 0106 mg — red iron oxide;
  • 0.0266 mg — yellow iron oxide;
  • 1,0408 mg — titanium dioxide.

Release form

Zudena-100 is available in the form of tablets in a film shell, oval shape. The color is light pink with a beige tint, white on the break line.

How does Zudena-100 Udenafil work?

The active substance Udenafil is a selective reversible inhibitor of a specific PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase 5 enzyme) that promotes cGMP metabolism.

It does not have a direct relaxing effect on the cavernous isolated body, but during sexual stimulation increases the relaxing effect of nitric oxide, inhibiting PDE-5, which is responsible, in the cavernous body, for the breakdown of cGMP.

As a result of its impact, the smooth muscles of the arteries relax, which promotes blood flow to the tissues of the male genital organ and as a result leads to an erection.

The drug does not work without sexual stimulation.

The results of in vitro studies have proven the effect of Udenafil as a selective inhibitor of PDE-5. This enzyme is present in the smooth muscles of the vessels of internal organs, as well as the cavernous body, in the muscles of the skeleton, platelets, lungs, cerebellum and kidneys.

Effectiveness of Zudena-100 Udenafil

Udenafil inhibits PDE-5 10,000 times more strongly than other phosphodiesterases localized in the liver, heart, blood vessels, brain and other organs. Also, it is 700 times more active in relation to PDE-5 than to PDE-6, which is located in the retina of the eye and is responsible for the perception of the color gamut.

Udenafil does not inhibit PDE-11, which determines the absence of manifestations of myalgia, painful sensations in the lumbar spine and cases of testicular toxicity.

The drug improves erectile function and the possibility of successful sexual intercourse.

Review of Zudena-100 Udenafil tablets

  • The effect occurs after 30 minutes after use and lasts up to 24 hours (in the presence of sexual stimulation).
  • In healthy subjects, the drug does not cause a reliably detected change in systolic blood pressure (sAD) and diastolic blood pressure (dAD) in comparison with subjects taking placebo in standing and lying positions (the average maximum decrease is 1.6/0.8 and 0.2/4.6 mm Hg, respectively).
  • Udenafil does not lead to changes in the recognition of the color spectrum (blue/green), this is a consequence of its insignificant effect on PDE-6. The drug does not distort visual acuity, pupil size and intraocular pressure, as well as electroretinogram.
  • In the studies conducted on male volunteers, its clinically significant effect on the concentration and quantity of sperm, as well as on the integrity and motility of spermatozoa, has not been proven.

How to take Zudena-100?

Zudena-100 is created for men who want to increase erection, the quality of sexual intercourse for a long period. The tablet is taken orally, without chewing, with water, half an hour before the alleged intimacy. Its effect does not depend on food – the drug is equally effective both on an empty stomach and when eating food, including fatty.

  • Zudena-100 tablets are indicated for oral administration.
  • The drug is taken regardless of the time of day and meal.
  • The instructions for Zudena-100 recommend a one-time dose, which is 100 mg and is taken 30 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse.
  • If the recommended dose is ineffective, a single dose may be 200 mg.
  • The frequency of admission per day is 1 time.

Suction of Zudena-100

After taking inside Zudena-100, udenafil is rapidly absorbed. The time to reach the maximum concentration in blood plasma (tmax) is 30-90 minutes (on average – 60 minutes). The half-life (t ½) is 12 hours, the high binding of udenafil to plasma proteins (93.9%) prolongs the period of its effectiveness to 24 hours after taking just one dose.

The intake of high-calorie food does not affect the absorption of udenafil.
Alcohol intake in the amount of 112 ml of alcohol (in terms of 40% ethyl alcohol) in combination with oral administration of udenafil at a dose of 200 mg does not affect the pharmacokinetic profile of udenafil.

Itching Metabolism

Udenafil Zudena-100 is mainly metabolized with the participation of cytochrome isoenzyme (CYP)3A4.

In healthy people, the total clearance of udenafil is 755 ml/min. After oral administration, udenafil is excreted in the form of metabolites with feces.

Udenafil does not accumulate in the body. When healthy volunteers took udenafil daily at a dose of 100 and 200 mg per day for 10 days, no significant changes in its pharmacokinetics were detected.


With simultaneous administration of Zudena-100 and calcium channel blockers, alpha-blockers or other hypotensive agents, there may be an additional decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 7-8 mm Hg.


When taken in a single dose of 400 mg or more, it is possible to increase the frequency and severity of the side effects described above.

Contraindications and limitations

Zudena-100 has contraindications to use:

  • simultaneous treatment with nitrates and nitrate-like drugs;
  • individual intolerance to the active and auxiliary components of the tablet.

Before taking the medicine Zudena-100, you should consult a doctor. A doctor’s consultation is especially necessary for men:

  • with cardiovascular diseases;
  • with deformity of the penis or its implants;
  • taking medications – vasodilating, antifungal, anticonvulsant, antiviral, glucocorticoids, rifampicin: it may be necessary to reduce or reduce the dose of udenafil.

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Zudena-100 Udenafil

Zudena-100 tablets are responsible for restoring the quality and strength of potency. Violations of erectile function manifest themselves not only by temporary failures of the stability of the penis, but also by persistent manifestations of sexual weakness that interfere with full-fledged intimate relationships. Zudena-100 tablets are a modern and effective solution to the problem. The medicine contributes to the formation of the hardness of the organ necessary for sexual intercourse.

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Side effects of Zudena-100

During the passage of Zudena-100 clinical trials, some side effects of udenafil were identified, which, depending on the frequency of manifestation, are subdivided as follows.

The probability of occurrence is 10% or more — very often; from 1% to 10% — often; from 0.1% to 1% — sometimes.

Very often observed:

  • flushes of blood (redness) to the face.


  • redness of the eyes;
  • abdominal discomfort;
  • dyspepsia;
  • nasal congestion;
  • headache;
  • feeling of heat;
  • discomfort in the thoracic region.


  • rigidity of the neck muscles;
  • dizziness;
  • paresthesia;
  • blurred vision;
  • increased lacrimation;
  • pain in the organs of vision;
  • swelling of the face;
  • swelling of the eyelids;
  • urticaria;
  • nausea;
  • constipation;
  • gastritis;
  • toothache;
  • feeling of dryness in the nose;
  • shortness of breath;
  • periarthritis;
  • pain in the chest and abdomen;
  • feeling thirsty;
  • fatigue.

What are the storage conditions of Zudena-100?

Zudena-100 should be stored in a dry place, protected from light and inaccessible to children.

What is the storage temperature of Zudena-100?

The storage temperature of Zudena-100 is not higher than 30°C.

What is the expiration date of Zudena-100?

The shelf life of Zudena-100 is 3 years. See the expiration date on the blister.