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  • Brand: RIZACT / MAXTAN
  • Composition: Rizatriptan
  • Power: 5mg, 10mg
  • Treatment: Migraine, Headache
  • Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
  • Country of Origin: India
  • When taken orally: a single dose is 10 mg
  • The daily dose: 30 mg
  • The interval between receptions: is at least 2 hours
  • In patients receiving propranolol: it is recommended to use a single dose of 5 mg, the daily dose is no more than 15 mg

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maxalt-10mgGeneric Maxalt® 5 / 10mg in terms of efficacy and tolerability remains the drug of choice in the treatment of migraine. Rizatriptan, the active ingredient of Generic Maxalt® 5 / 10mg, is an agonist of serotonin 5-HT1B/1D receptors and exhibits an antimigrenous effect due to three main mechanisms: narrowing of meningeal vessels, suppression of neurogenic inflammation, and reduction of pain.

Generic Maxalt® 5 / 10mg relieves headache better and restores normal functioning during the first 2 hours of treatment, promotes fewer relapses within 24 hours after taking the drug, eliminates pain better if a relapse does occur, compared with the standard reference agent sumatriptan.

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Generic Maxalt® 5 / 10 mg for Migraines and Headaches

Migraine is a neurovascular disorder that in itself disrupts a person’s vital activity and, in addition, increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and subclinical brain damage. An important place in the treatment of migraine is occupied by triptans, one of which is Generic Maxalt® (Rizatriptan).

Pharmacoeconomical analysis revealed the superiority of Generic Maxalt® over ergotamine/caffeine, NSAIDs/analgesics and many other triptans. Generic Maxalt® (Rizatriptan) has a good evidence base of efficacy and tolerability and remains the drug of choice in the treatment of migraine.

  • Migraine is a widespread disease observed in about 3-22% of women and 1-16% of men worldwide. According to the results of a large population study American Migraine Study II, migraine affects approximately 18.2 and 6.5% of women and men, respectively, of which the majority (62%) have at least one episode of severe headache per month.
  • Migraine without aura is the most common clinical subtype of migraine, with a higher frequency of attacks and, as a rule, greater disability than migraine with aura. Migraine without aura is defined as a recurrent disorder, including headache attacks lasting from 4 hours to 3 days, with the presence of at least two of the following characteristics: unilateral pulsating pain of moderate/pronounced intensity, aggravated by movement, with the presence of nausea and/or vomiting, as well as photophobia and phonophobia.
  • Migraine is a significant burden on the quality of life and economic costs of the disease reduces the quality of life of the patient both immediately during and immediately after the attack, and in the period between its episodes. According to population studies conducted in the UK and the USA, migraine has a negative impact on the patient’s family members. At the same time, according to the survey of the patients themselves, they are less satisfied with the treatment used for acute migraine attacks.
  • Thus, migraine is a serious public health problem, and there is a need to improve the possibilities of therapy for this condition.

Application of Generic Maxalt®

  • Generic Maxalt® tablets are used internally.
  • Do not use Generic Maxalt® for preventive purposes.
  • Generic Maxalt® tablets should be swallowed whole, washed down with liquid.
  • The absorption time is delayed by about 1 hour if you take the drug in a state of satiety. The recommended dose is 10 mg.

Repeated intake:

  • the next dose can be taken no earlier than after 2 hours;
  • within a 24-hour period, no more than two doses can be taken.

With repeated headache within 24 hours, if the headache returns after the relief of the initial attack, you can take another dose.

It is necessary to observe the above dosage norms.

In the absence of an effect: the effectiveness of a repeated dose for the treatment of the same attack, when the first dose did not have an effect, was not tested during studies of risatriptan.

Thus, if the patient does not have a therapeutic effect after taking the first dose, it is impossible to take a second dose to treat the same attack. Studies of rizatriptan have shown that even in the absence of a therapeutic effect during one attack, there is a possibility of a therapeutic effect during the following attacks.

Some patients should be prescribed Generic Maxalt® at a low dose (5 mg), especially in such groups:

  • patients taking propranolol. Generic Maxalt® should be taken no earlier than 2 hours after taking propranolol;
  • patients with mild to moderate renal insufficiency; patients with mild to moderate hepatic insufficiency. The time interval between taking two doses should be at least 2 hours; no more than two doses can be taken during a 24-hour period.

Patients aged 65 and over. The efficacy and safety of taking Generic Maxalt® in patients over the age of 65 have not been systematically studied.

Using Generic Maxalt®

In accordance with the current guidelines promoting stepwise or stratified approaches, triptans are recommended in the treatment of acute migraine that does not respond well to less effective therapy. Of the representatives of this group available today, Generic Maxalt® has a number of advantages.

Generic Maxalt® is characterized by rapid achievement of t-max in blood plasma compared to other triptans and promotes rapid pain relief. At the initial stage of migraine treatment, this allows you to quickly relieve mild pain before it becomes moderate / severe.

Comparative RCTs have shown that in acute migraine Generic Maxalt® is at least as effective or more effective than other SPLM. The drug is effective for a long period (up to 12 months) in the treatment of several migraine attacks with probably greater consistent effectiveness in stopping several attacks than other triptans. As a rule, with good tolerability, rizatriptan demonstrates advantages in terms of quality of life, which leads to a high degree of patient satisfaction with treatment. Rapid pain relief, ease of use and good tolerability are the most important reasons for patients to prefer the drug.

Contraindications Generic Maxalt®

  • Hypersensitivity to risotriptan or any excipient. Simultaneous use with MAO inhibitors or use within 2 weeks from the moment of discontinuation of treatment with MAO inhibitors.
  • Severe hepatic or severe renal insufficiency.
  • Violation of cerebral circulation or transient ischemic attack in the anamnesis.
  • Moderate or severe hypertension, as well as untreated mild hypertension.
  • Established coronary artery disease, including coronary artery disease (angina pectoris, a history of myocardial infarction or recorded asymptomatic ischemia), signs and symptoms of coronary artery disease or Prinzmetal angina.
  • Diseases of peripheral blood vessels.
  • Simultaneous use of risatriptan and ergotamine, ergot alkaloid derivatives (including methysergide).

Side Effects of Generic Maxalt®

The most common side effects of Generic Maxalt® are:

dizziness drowsiness and weakness/fatigue.

  • From the immune system: isolated — allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock / anaphylactoid reactions.
  • From the side of the psyche: often — insomnia; infrequently — disorientation, irritability.
  • From the nervous system: often — dizziness, drowsiness, paresthesia, headache, hypesthesia, decreased mental activity; infrequently — ataxia, tremor, vertigo, dysgeusia / unpleasant taste, fainting; frequency unknown — convulsions, serotonin syndrome.
  • From the organ of vision: infrequently — blurred vision.
  • From the cardiovascular system: often — palpitations, hot flashes; infrequently — arrhythmia, tachycardia, ECG changes, hypertension; isolated — cerebral circulation disorders (according to reports, most of these adverse reactions occurred in patients with risk factors for coronary artery disease), bradycardia; frequency unknown — ischemia or myocardial infarction (according to reports, most of these adverse reactions occurred in patients with risk factors for coronary artery disease), bradycardia; frequency unknown – ischemia or myocardial infarction (according to reports, most of these adverse reactions occurred in patients with risk factors for coronary artery diseases), peripheral vascular ischemia.
  • From the respiratory system, chest and mediastinal organs: often — discomfort in the throat; infrequently — shortness of breath; single — wheezing breath.
  • From the digestive system: often — nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, dyspepsia; infrequently — a feeling of thirst; frequency unknown — ischemic colitis.
  • From the skin and subcutaneous tissues: often — redness; infrequently — itching, urticaria, angioedema (for example, swelling of the face, tongue and pharynx), rash, increased sweating; frequency unknown — toxic epidermal necrolysis.
  • From the skeletal muscles and connective tissue: often — a feeling of heaviness; infrequently — neck pain, rigidity, stiffness, muscle weakness, facial pain, myalgia.
  • Common disorders: often — asthenia / fatigue, abdominal or chest pain.