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  • Brand: Intagra®
  • Composition: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Power: 100mg
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Take: 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse
  • Effect of the drug: up to 4-6 hours
  • Daily dosage: no more than 1 tablet per day
  • Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Country of Origin: India

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Intagra 100mg

Intagra® 100mg from the Indian company Intas is intended for people with erectile dysfunction problems, because it consists of sildenafil citrate, it acts effectively, able to prolong an erection up to 6 hours with sexual stimulation.

Intagra® 100mg is a fast-acting remedy that acts on patients of different ages, regardless of how long they have had problems with erectile dysfunction. Intagra® 100mg has the same effectiveness as the world-famous drug Viagra, which fights the same problem of erection dysfunction of the penis.

What is Intagra® 100mg?

Intagra® 100mg is a powerful stimulant that helps to increase male sexual potency, consists of sildenafil citrate. Intagra® 100mg is very effective and can prolong male erection up to 6 hours in its 100 mg dosage. This is an effective and modern generic Viagra in the fight against erectile dysfunction. Thanks to extensive research proving its effectiveness and safety, which have been thoroughly tested.

How does Intagra® 100mg work?

Intagra® 100mg Sildenafil Citrate works by increasing blood flow in the penis due to the production of a substance (cGMP), the amount of which decreases with age. By acting on this aspect, Intagra® 100mg prolongs erection along with sexual stimulation, correcting problems such as insufficient irrigation of the arteries of the penis, helping to improve sexual activity.

Intagra® 100mg treats ED?

Fortunately, there are many treatments for Erectile Dysfunction these days. The use of Intagra® 100mg is a common way to treat erectile dysfunction. It is inexpensive and very effective. Medications such as Intagra® 100mg are commonly used to achieve an erection and are not a permanent cure for this disease. But in many cases, people who have been using drugs for a long time have also been able to recover from ED. Also, when using Intagra® 100mg, the effect can be seen almost instantly.

What dosage of Intagra® 100mg is suitable?

The required dosage depends on many factors, such as how your body copes with sildenafil and the severity of the disease. Even if you suffer from other conditions, such as heart disease or low blood pressure, your doctor may reduce the dosage. Since Intagra® 100mg sildenafil tablets, the ideal dosage should be left to the discretion of the doctor, ½ or ¼ tablets.

What happens with an Intagra® 100mg overdose?

If you get an Intagra® 100mg overdose, you may begin to feel the effects of an overdose, which mainly depend on the body’s reaction to an excess of sildenafil. The consequences of this can be from minor to life-threatening. Therefore, make sure that you take Intagra® 100mg only as prescribed by a doctor. The dosage and time of taking medications should be followed along with other instructions.

If you have had an Intagra® 100mg overdose, call and inform your doctor or visit any nearby hospital. Make sure you have gone through the side effects mentioned below in this article if you want to get a general idea of the worst overdose situations.

What are the contraindications of Intagra® 100mg tablets?

  • For people under 18 years of age, as well as if your age is over 65, it is better to take Intagra® 100mg under the supervision of a doctor.
  • If you are experiencing pressure problems, you should also consult a doctor to recommend a medication that is compatible with your blood pressure, since some medications increase blood pressure and some reduce it.
  • If you have had problems with a heart attack or stroke in the last 6 months, Intagra® 100mg should also not be taken.
  • For problems with internal organs: heart, blood vessels, kidneys,
    If you have a deformity of the penis.
  • Intagra® 100mg Sildenafil may not be suitable for all people, especially if the active substance is incompatible with it, it should be replaced by others, such as Cialis, Levitra or Stendra.

How to use Intagra® 100mg tablet?

Initially, we recommend starting with half a dose of Intagra® 100mg, which is 50 mg. If sufficient Intagra® 100mg effects are not removed within 30-60 minutes, you can take the second half. Never take more than 1 tablet a day!

When do I need to buy Viagra® 100mg tablets?

Integra® 100mg should be ordered on the website with such violations:

  • weak erection;
  • sluggish potency;
  • disorders of erectile function;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • hypertension (pulmonary, cardiac);
  • heart failure;
  • prolonged recovery of sexual activity between acts.

Who should use Integra® 100mg?

The drug is intended for adult men who struggle with erectile dysfunction, i.e. inability to achieve and maintain an erection, premature ejaculation and too fast orgasm. The use of Integra® 100mg is a guarantee of satisfactory sexual intercourse for both partners. Does Integra® 100mg only work when sexually aroused.

What side effects can Integra® 100mg cause?

Like any medicine, Integra® 100mg can cause side effects. The most common are headache or redness of the face. Other rare but reported side effects include nasal congestion, dizziness, digestive problems, and temporary visual impairment.

What are the storage conditions for Integra® 100mg tablets?

Integra® 100mg is stored in its original packaging and in a dry place at a temperature of 15-30°C, out of the reach of children and animals.