Super Tadapox® 100mg (Tadalafil+Dapoxetine)

Super Tadapox


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Brand: Super Tadapox® Tadalafil&Dapoxetine Tablets
Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Country of Origin: India
Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction (ED) / Impotence / Premature ejaculation (PE)
Take: 40 minutes before sexual intercourse
Effect of the Pill: up to 4-6 hours
Pharma Form: Tablet/s
Daily dosage: no more than 1 Pill per day
Packing: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Minimum order quantity: 30 Pills

Super Tadapox Tablets

What Is Super Tadapox® 100mg?

Super Tadapox® 100mg is designed for the effective treatment of premature ejaculation and erectile function disorders. Super Tadapox® 100mg is a progressive development that helps eliminate two common intimate problems at once. An affordable and safe remedy is produced by an Indian pharmacological concern and is very popular all over the world.

Super Tadapox® 100mg is offered in a wide implementation, so you do not need to have a special prescription from a doctor to buy it. The Super Tadapox® 100mg tablet perfectly copes with its functions, already from the first application allowing men to restore sexual health and self-confidence, regardless of what factors caused the development of pathology. A powerful two–component formula is a very profitable and economical solution.

In most cases, sexual dysfunctions are associated not with natural age-related changes, but with an incorrect lifestyle and a variety of psychological factors, so problems arise even at the youngest age. Alcohol consumption and smoking, so common among Americans, negatively affect the health and normal functioning of all body systems.

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Super Tadapox® 100mg is a drug with a complex action to improve the reproductive health of men from 18 to 65 years old. Erectile dysfunction is often accompanied by premature ejaculation. Super Tadapox® 100mg tablets contain 2 active substances – tadalafil for a high-quality erection and dapoxetine for long-term sex. The country of origin is India.

How does Super Tadapox® 100mg work?

1 tablet of Super Tadapox® 100mg contains 40 mg of tadalafil (Cialis) plus 60 mg of dapoxetine. The first component is a specific PDE-5 inhibitor. It blocks the production of an enzyme that causes relaxation of the penis. The result is a stable erection, the ability to perform several sexual acts within 36 hours.

  • Dapoxetine – prevents the capture of the neurotransmitter serotonin to brain cells, which in turn slows down premature ejaculation. The result is a high–quality and long sexual intercourse. The duration of dapoxetine in the body reaches 6 hours.
  • Tadalafil (Cialis) – provides a firm and long-lasting erection. The duration of tadalafil in the body reaches up to 36 hours.

After taking the active ingredients are quickly absorbed into the systemic circulation and begin to act after 40-60 minutes. Metabolites are excreted through the urinary system.

When do I need to buy a Super Tadapox® 100mg tablet?

The drug Super Tadapox® 100mg is designed for men suffering from decreased potency, chronic or episodic erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation. As studies and practice of using the drug have shown, it works with a wide variety of variants of the etiology of disorders and the degree of their severity. Super Tadapox® 100mg tablets are highly effective even with impotence.

Super Tadapox® 100mg is recommended for use by men:

  • suffering from various sexual dysfunctions, the treatment of which requires additional intake of stimulating pills;
  • unable to control the process of orgasm and the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • suffering from forced ejaculation, the correction of which is possible only when taking appropriate medications;
  • having diabetes mellitus, the complications of which extend to sexual function;
  • erectile disorders caused by chronic fatigue and stress;
  • experiencing psychological discomfort due to past failures of an intimate nature.

How to use the Super Tadapox® 100mg tablet?

It is necessary to take the generic Super Tadapox® 100mg approximately 40 minutes before sex, swallowing the tablet whole (do not chew or dissolve) and drinking a sufficient amount of plain water. The drug Super Tadapox® 100mg is incompatible with alcohol.

The maximum daily dose of the drug, declared by the manufacturer, is 100 mg (one tablet), but the individual dose is calculated by the attending physician. At the first intake, the dosage is often reduced by half, with more serious pathologies of erection and ejaculation, they take a whole tablet.

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