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Enclomisign 50mg

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Enclomisign® 50mg is a nonsteroidal estrogen receptor antagonist being developed for the treatment of secondary hypogonadism in overweight men who want to restore normal testicular function.

Overview of Enclomisign® 50mg Enclomiphene

The drug Enclomisign® 50mg Enclomiphene citrate has demonstrated high efficacy in increasing testosterone levels in men, as well as in increasing the number of spermatozoa. Enclomiphene citrate is a derivative of clomiphene citrate used to stimulate ovulation in women.

Enclomiphene citrate has a number of advantages over injections and testosterone-based gels. A particularly important property of the drug is that it helps the body to produce the hormone on its own. When the injections and gel are canceled, the testosterone level immediately drops. Also, when using injections and gel with testosterone, the number of spermatozoa decreases. When taking enclomiphene citrate, this side effect was not recorded in patients.

Using Enclomisign® 50mg Enclomiphene Tablets

The drug Enclomisign® 50mg Enclomiphene is a derivative of clomiphene citrate, used to stimulate ovulation in women, can also be used in the treatment of infertility in men, since it increases testosterone levels and increases the number of sperm.

Common Side Effects of Enclomisign® 50mg:

  • abnormal vaginal/uterine bleeding,
  • breast tenderness or discomfort,
  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea,
  • flushing,
  • blurred vision or other visual disturbances